AIBF 3E Program

AIBF 3E(Education, Employment and Empowerment) Program

AIBF is proposed a 3-E program (Education, Employment, and Empowerment) to empower Brahmins of India by providing equal and best opportunity for Education, employment and business.

It has been AIBF’s ideology to invest in the future. Education is the debt owed by present to the future generation. The more we Invest in education, the more civilized and empowered citizens we have. Due to financial reasons, many Brahmin families are finding it difficult to provide quality education to their children. AIBF believes in funding those students to help them secure a bright career and thereby a self sufficient family. AIBF, through the state federated members, provides scholarship, donation and educational loan to Brahmin Family so as to enable them to begin, pursue, complete their study.

AIBF also provides aggressive training, career guidance and skill development programs to the Brahmin youths to enable them to acquire best employment and thereby lead a self sufficient family.

AIBF also acts as a platform to provide opportunities to deserving Brahmin Family so as to enable them to be self dependent.

A separate Trust is to be formed under AIBF with the sole purpose of helping all needy Brahmins for education and self employment. The present era is very crucial. One definitely needs support to grow and develop. We aim to offer suitable support to needy families so that their children can get best education, the family becomes self employed and their financial, social and religious status gets upward directions.

Our goal is to support 1 lakh Brahmin families in India especially living in rural areas by enrolling 10000 Swayamsevaks (volunteers) to support 3-E program. The estimated budget is Rs. 500 crores. The detailed scheme will be presented at the next Executive Committee and General Body meeting of AIBF scheduled to be held at Tirupathi on 20-22 December, 2014.