1. NAME: The name of the Federation shall be "All India Brahmin Federation", herein after called AIBF for the sake of brevity.
  2. LOCATION: The Central office of the AIBF shall be for the present situated at Door No. 29-2-19, Prakasarao Peta, Vishakhapatnam; 530 020, and the Executive Council may however shift the office to any other place in Indian Territory as they may deem fit from time to time. The administrative office shall be located at the place of residence of the Secretary General.
    1. Jurisdiction: the jurisdiction of AIBF shall be the Indian territory as defined by the constitution of India.
    1. to bring all Brahmin Organisations together to work collectively for the welfare of the community,
    2. to get all Brahmin Organisations in the country affiliated to or associated with as the case may be to the AIBF,
    3. to create and foster the spirit of understanding amongst the Brahmins of all the schools of thought irrespective of sects and sub-sects in the whole country,
    4. to take an active interest in the civil, cultural, social, spiritual and moral welfare of the Brahmins in particular and Hindus in general according to Sanathana Dharma,
    5. to provide a forum for the open discussion of all matters concerning the problems of Brahmin Community in particular and Hindu community in general,
    6. to encourage service minded men to serve the Brahmin community to encourage efficiency and promote high ethical standards in all walks of life,
    7. to encourage, lead, guide and direct in starting State Federations and get them affiliated or associated to the AIBF,
    8. to promote the principles of good government and citizenship,
    9. to strive for the eradication of social evils,
    10. to encourage and or participate in the establishment of Trusts and Foundations for the welfare of the Brahmin Community,
    11. to publish books, pamphlets, journals, newspapers, periodicals etc., for the attainment of the aims and objectives of the AIBF,
    12. to strive
      1. to protect, project & promote the interest of the community and fight for their just and reasonable demands and eradication of all sorts of discriminations against the community on the basis of caste.
      2. for the just recognition & rights as enunciated in the Constitution of India.
    13. to work and strive for promotion of such legislations as may considered necessary for the removal of discrimination on class or caste basis in entire society and further strive for proper representation of Brahmins in Government and in other bodies;
    14. to promote and do all such lawful activities as are conductive and incidental to the attainment of the above said aims and objects.
      The names and addresses of the present executive committee members to whom the management of the affairs of the AIBF is entrusted till the next elections are held in accordance with this constitution are as follows:

      1.Dr. P. H. Nath, MBBS TDOSecretary1-728-22/A, Balasamudram, Warangal 506 001.

      2.B.S.R. AnjaneyaluChairman / PresidentB1, N S C Bose Road, Tanuku 534 211.

      3.Akella Bhaskara RaoSecretary29-2-19, Prakasaraopeta, Visakhapatnam 530 020.

      4.T.V. Srinivasa Rao Bose BASecretary6/5 G. Ramarao Street, Cuddapah 516 001.

      5.Capt. V. S. Mani IyerSecretary2/182, New Kalpathi Palghat 678 008.

      6.H. K. NanjundaswamyVice President297, 7th Block Kanakapura, Bangalore 560 082.

      7.S. NatarajanVice President10, Aryagounder road, Mambalam, Madras 600 033.

      8.C. C. Venkataramanan CATreasurer9, Ansari Road, Ramnagar, Coimbatore 641 009.

      9.N. L. UpadhyayaSecretary5, Bhaktinagar Society Rajkot 360 002.

      10.J. M. JoshiSecretary48, Dr. Ambedkar Road, Khar Bombay 400 052.