SANATAN DHARM is that SANATAN reason which provides a basis for every action-reaction across all universes. Everything or anything that ever happened or is happening or will happen is supposed to bow down before SANATAN DHARM as SANATAN DHARM is the reason for every reason why every visible and non-visible thing exists.
SANATAN DHARM has been revealed by millions of RISHIES & MUNIES over a period of millions of years. RISHIES & MUNIES have explained whatever happens across the globe, across all universes is just a physical manifestation of BHAGWAN’s daily routine.
ALL INDIA BRAHMIN FEDERATION is undertaking the below-mentioned projects to ensure that MANUSHYA has all 100% SANATAN DHARM present in them while all the MANUSHYA prepare to move from KALIYUG to SATYUG.  
Serving Sanatan Dharma
Living Sanatan Dharm
Brahman's Duties
Sanatan Education
Sanatan Economy
Vasudhaiv Kautumbakam
Sanatan Dharma Prevails
Expansion of Dharma
Become a Sanatan